The Microvertebrate Working Group (MVWG) was developed in 2016 as a forum for the exchange of data and information related to the study of insectivore, rodent, bat, reptile and amphibian remains from archaeological deposits. These studies are published in various mediums including international journals, regional bulletins, museum archival reports, monographs and technical papers, which often cross time periods and geographic regions. The overarching goal of the MVWG is to provide a platform for the exchange of this scientific literature and to increase communication between academics, professionals, and, in particular, graduate students with research interests related to microvertebrates. Group interests include, but are not limited to, taxonomic identification and evolution, biostratigraphy, palaeoenvironment reconstruction, commensalism, taphonomy, and studies of related methodology, scientific techniques and theory. In addition to regular working group meetings, where research will be presented via thematic workshops, the MVWG will also provide information about the most recent published literature from this field via a biannual electronic newsletter.